Magento SEO: Top 5 Tips!

Hey Everyone! Back again with another video. In today's video, which yes, was done while I was driving. It was a long drive so I thought I would do a video...anyway, is on Magento and SEO. Magento is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms used by thousands of websites online. I have had dozens of community clients and enterprise clients over the years, so I wanted to share some things I have learned.

While Magento is very SEO-friendly, I wanted to talk about my top 4, well top 5 tips and things that I make sure to do whenever I take on a new Magento client or launch a new Magento website. Now this isn't a guide or tutorial, as those will go in depth about everything you need to do, but this is more of a Magento-only type video for things that should be done in Magento when launching or when trying to begin a successful campaign.

Now if you don't want to watch the video, or just want to know what my top 5 things are, here you go!

  • Reviews: Make sure to have all your product reviews on the product page only.
  • Canonical URL's: Make sure to set up canonical urls for categories, brands, product pages, basically almost all pages.
  • Pagination: Set this up for category and brand pages that have multiple pages within one category or brand.
  • Robots.txt File: Set this up to tell spiders where and where not to go on your website.
  • Sitemap: While Magento does create this for you, it doesn't submit it for you.

Kind of vague huh? Well watch the video for more details!

Jeff Moriarty

Jeff Moriarty