Google Algorithm Update Febuary 7th, 2017

Ok...well this is an unconfirmed update. But we all know something happened. From the dozens and dozens of posts online, to the articles written by all the big SEO companies, something definitely is going on. And if you have made it to this post, you probably saw some changes in your serp results and Google Analytics.

And I did as well. For most of my clients, I noticed very little change, but for a couple of my clients, I noticed a big change.

Client #1 - 50% Increase


This client noticed the biggest jump. And it was with both their websites. What have I done in the last 6 months that may have helped with this client's newly found positioning?

  • Backlink Audit - Removed all the bad links they had. Used SEM Rush to help me find them, and then created a disavow file and submitted them to Google.
  • Unique Content - These are ecommerce websites. Two big things I did with both websites was to 1) change any manufacturer descriptions to totally custom optimized content. And 2) to get customers to write more reviews, which led to beeter looking schema and more unique content for all products.
  • Responsive - Both sites are responsive.
  • Secure - Both sites recently went full HTTPS

More Information About This Client

  • Been online for about 15 years
  • Medium authority
  • Over 5,000 pages
  • Youtube channel, blog, 50,000 Facebook fans

Client #2 - 20% Increase

This other client is a newer site that has most of the content work done by their staff. While this can sometimes be a good thing, the content is usually not long enough, unique enough and not optimized as well as an SEO could do. So what was done with this client recently?

  • Backlink Audit - Though new, a backlink audit was performed. Not many links coming into the site at this point.
  • Unique Content - Unique content is being added, but much of the site still uses manufacturer descriptions and the new content is not very well optimized.
  • Responsive - Site is responsive
  • Secure - No, this site is not full site HTTPS

More Information About This Client

  • Been online for only 2 years
  • Low authority
  • About 150 pages
  • No big social following

My Conclusion

Looking at these two sites and the rest I work on, the one thing I noticed was the sites that more work was spent on, just did better. The sites that had better link work, better content and just overall better websites in general fared better, which is the way it should be. Were you hit by this update? Need help getting your positioning back? Let's see if we can help. Contact me now.

Jeff Moriarty