Common Questions

Which Should I Choose, PPC or SEO?

Most companies do both! The benefit of PPC is that it's quick to startup, it's quick to see sales. But it's very competitive and very high cost for that reason. With SEO, it takes a lot of time and investment...sometimes 6 months to a year before you see good returns. But very few people invest in this for this reason, so you can see some amazing results.

Will You Charge Me Monthly or Make Me Choose Some Package?

Neither...just $75 per hour. Companies are so different, that packages just don't work. Industries are different. Where you are in the online world is different than others.

Will Social Media Help My SEO

Yes, but indirectly. Writing great content and offers on social media can lead to word of mouth marketing, sharing and bettering your brand. But this doesn't include buying a bunch of Likes and Follows. Your social presence needs to be earned, not bought.

How Long Have You Been Doing SEO?

I started back in 1999 and have been passionate about SEO and digital marketing ever since.