"It is my business to know what other people don’t know." - Sherlock Holmes

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Whether you need SEO, PPC, email marketing, a site audit, penalty removal, website development or just guidance, I am here to help. The services available to you might be varied, but they all come with the same promise of loyalty, dedication, and passion.

The services are available to companies big and small, local to Naperville, Illinois and Crown Point, Indiana or across the nation.


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Client Testimonials

Jeff has done quality work for Frontier Computer Corp. For many years and we feel extremely fortunate to have him on “our team”. He treated our company like his own and we all know that he took great pride in the work he did for us.
— Frontier Computer Corp
Jeff is an extremely talented SEO Manager with a deep understanding of the internet search engines and how they operate. Jeff learned my business and was able to generate significant results in terms of real sales. I highly recommend Jeff.
— ISI Telecommunications
I have been working with Jeff for about 2 years now. He handles SEO and web marketing for 2 of my e-commerce sites and for my law practice. Jeff knows a lot about SEO but also has a broader understanding of web marketing that makes him a real asset. Jeff is also a true pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Jeff for your SEO or web marketing needs.
— HolidayLeds.com
Because of Jeff’s willingness to teach, I am successful. Jeff Moriarity taught me all I know. He is the reason for my success in my current position. Jeff’s remarkable ability to understand the big picture in natural search and paid media makes him a “must want” in the land of digital advertising. I would recommend Jeff for any position within any digital marketing agency.
— Darren Champen



Working with me, you will find an honest SEO who will let you know if he is able to help. I am very conservative in my choices, as too many times have I seen innocent businesses banned and penalized without knowing. I work hourly, never putting you into contracts or packages...because every business is different. There is no one-size fits all. You can never guarantee anything in SEO, but I promise to put in the highest quality work and passion to make your dream a success online.



About Me

MY NAME IS Jeff MOriarty

I started SEO with my family's jewelry business back in Crown Point, IN. I still remember the day I made that first sale and asked myself, "I wonder how they found us?" That is the day my passion for SEO began. I have continued to work for the family business over the years, along with working with over 100 different businesses since that first sale.  I love helping companies, large and small build success online, especially when they too are looking for make that first sale.

My wife and I have lived in Naperville, Illinois for almost 5 years and have a condo in Crown Point, Indiana.  We both grew up in Crown Point, IN so you could say that we love the Midwest. While many of my clients are in the midwest, I do work with companies in California, New York and Virginia. What else should you know about me? I love backpacking throughout the world. My wife and I make sure to take a few trips out of the country each year. Can't get a hold of me during the evening? You can always find me at the gym working out from 5 to 7pm each night.