SEO (Onsite/Offsite)

Search Engine Optimization. Meta titles, descriptions, keywords...wait no on that last's not 1999. Search engines send almost 30% of the traffic across the web and 90% of the clicks come from free search. This includes everything from onsite optimization, site audits, penalty removal, link building and more. It's everything organic search. The charge per hour is $75. No packages, no contracts.


Local Marketing

Are you a small business looking to get seen in your city and surrounding areas? From building your site, to optimizing, to creating local listings, to email marketing, to social marketing and even PPC, the goal is to beat your competitors for local business. The charge per hour is $75. No packages, no contracts.


Social Marketing / Video

Looking to set up a Facebook page, Instagram account or any other form of social media page? Maybe you have it all set up but need more fans, followers and likes? Maybe you are ready to do some paid advertising? Need more views on your Youtube videos? Did you know it's the 2nd biggest search engine online?! Let me help. The charge is $75 per hour. No packages or contracts.


Are you a retailer site looking to sell on any of these 3rd party sites? I can not only help you get more sales, but if you need help setting up your stores, I can help in that area as well. The cost is $75 per hour. No contracts or packages.


Web Development

cue camp.png

Looking for web development? For more in-depth and complicated projects I work with CueCamp, also located in Naperville, IL. Matthew Sharritt and Michel Ann Sharritt are amazing developers that not only build impressive websites from a design standpoint, but also do user testing and marketing analytics. Their experience is one reason I work with them over and over again. Learn more about CueCamp here.

PPC Marketing

Pay Per Click. Sometimes call Cost Per Click. I can create new ppc campaigns for you, optimize current ones or just review the campaigns you currently have running. I have over 10 years of experience in Google Adwords, Bing Adcenter and other 3rd party advertising sites. Can include industry based paid search websites as well. The charge per hour is $75. No packages, no contracts.


Email Marketing

Did you know you can see the highest conversion rates from email marketing...above all other sources? Yep! And I can not only help build your email list, but design/send emails, segment your list properly, set up triggers and more. Depending how much you need done, it's either $75 per hour or a flat rate per email send.


Link Building

It's all about quality now. No more shotgun-approach to link building. You need to find quality links that not only will help you increase positioning organically, but will actually draw in quality traffic that brings you sales and leads. Services can also include current link audits and penalty removal based on your current links. The rate for link building ranges from $35 to $75 per hour. No packages or contracts.

Content Creation / Keyword Research

The goal here is to create content that DELIGHTS the searcher. This includes researching competitor keywords, online searched keywords, internal searches and more. The goal is to solve the problem or question that the customer has. The cost is $75 per hour. No contracts or packages.