Intrusive Mobile Pop-Up Penalty is Here!

So Google has been talking about this for awhile now, but a couple weeks ago that actually put their money where they mouth is/ They start penalizing sites on mobile for having intrusive pop-ups when someone visits your website from a mobile device. Now you might be saying, oh that's ok...I focus on desktop users. Well more and more people are mobile. I actually have some clients getting 60% of their traffic from mobile devices! That is huge. Too much to lose to a mobile pop up penalty.

So What To Do?

These are the pop-ups you no longer want to display. Normally they are very large and ask for some sort of information.

  • Display a pop up right when someone enters your website that covers all your content
  • Display a pop up right when scrolls down your page that covers all your content
  • Display a pop up that the user has to 'X' out of in order to see your content

Here is a write image from the guys at Search Engine Land showing what the pop-ups look like that you shouldn't be displaying on mobile devices.

So what is my recommendation if you use this technique to gather and build your email list? Use a not-so-intrusive pop-up. One I love for Wordpress is IceGram. They use smaller pop-ups they call Toast, which only display smaller-less intrusive ones across the top of the screen. Find more information here.


If you have any questions or want to see if your site is effected, please contact us so we can help!

Thank you,

Jeff Moriarty

Jeff Moriarty